“Finds peace in unity, protects like family”

Ensures your safety and wellbeing!


As a security service company who provides the appropriate peace of mind we also serve as a resource for food and clothing security to the greater Hartford communities regardless of their circumstances.

Since 2020, we’ve been grateful enough during pop-up “DAP GIVES BACK” events we provide “CARE BAGS” which consists of but are not limited to a sandwich and/or pre-wrapped snack, bottled water, including PPE essentials such as: a mask, hand sanitizer, hand warmers and other toiletries. This is nothing but a temporary helping hand to get by for all those that come to our Pop-Up event. Who’s “All”? What does all look like? They are the elderly, disabled veterans, unemployed, poor, migrants, homeless women, men and children.

We are currently working and collaborating with other organizations to help with relieving the stresses of the community. During these difficult times, there are multiple insecurities among families, individuals and communities. It is especially challenging during these COVID-19 times which will hit those already who are food insecure- the hardest, while adding many more who have lost their jobs and businesses. Our number one priority is to strive to reduce the risks, help ease the mind even if it’s for a day.

We are an up an coming business but DAP Security’s goal is to be able to offer employment opportunities and or training to those willing to learn, a way to arm those with knowledge and open up a path to success. But for now we will be handing out “care bags” to ensure the wellbeing of those in need and let them know their own community has their back. We find peace in Unity and protect like family!

*DAP Security is seeking funding or partnerships with organizations that do this already; so that we are able to purchase food to prepare and serve, also purchase hygienic materials, etc. If possible bottled water, masks, hand sanitizers, other toiletries such as feminine products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc.

* If you are an organization that believes you can help with employment brochures and or any contents to be added in our CARE BAGS, please contact us. Consider giving ANYTHING so that we may be able to provide a care bag to someone today. Thank you!

>FUND a CARE BAG through cashapp, $DAPreceived  or purchase through our SHOP’s page our carefully curated Care Bag.

Stay blessed!


**Update: Please consider donating/ buying into our 4-day Live Virtual Fundraising event with “Double Good Popcorn”

 Our DAP GIVES BACK department will be selling popcorn through our POP-UP shop in the link. This event ends on July 11th at 10 am.

Our team’s goal is to help fund spaces for certification classes to our community’s young adults or anyone interested in a successful foundation in the public/private safety sector of the security industry. With these funds, those who apply through our intern program will be awarded a free seat in a CT Guard Card class and/or First Aid/CPR certification class and a DAP Care Bag filled with a variety of resources to get on track for success.

Please help our team give the community a chance.

 Our organization will receive 50% of the proceeds, whatever you can give will be much appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by email or our Request form.